Participant Testimonials

Sep 01 - Sep 06, 2013

This Workshop was a unique opportunity to meet top-level scholars in this field. As a researcher I gained a lot of insights in the discipline and several suggestions to pursue my research in many directions. Finally, the participation of several practitioners was also useful to my research in this field. Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity to develop new contacts and collaborations and to get new ideas on specific topics.

Rossella Agliardi Associate professor
Mathematics, University of Bologna

The week long workshop gave me the opportunity to discuss my research area with regulators, practitioners, and researchers from other disciplines who broadly share my interests. It sparked quite a few new ideas and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Christine Parlour University of California-Berkeley

The scientific contents was focused on one theme, but very diverse in term on the participant backgrounds, scientific approaches, professional contexts (academic versus industry), or questions to be addressed. This very interesting balance leads to a steep learning curve for me, and to intense discussions. It was certainly a very enriching week, where I exchanges intensely with some colleagues, but also where I learned to understand and appreciate in depth other approaches used in the field. The week was also very interesting in term of the contacts made during the week, both in the academic circles and in the industry.

Gilles Zumbach SwissQuant